Mobility and access to transport infrastructure allows people and goods to move around freely. Mobility plays a key role in making societies more inclusive through enabling access to key services, and educational, economic and social opportunities.

Transport infrastructure facilitates access to education, healthcare, social and economic opportunities for people, it also facilitates the movement of goods, products and resources to where they are needed. It comes in many forms such as pedestrianised areas, cycling facilities, public transport, shared-ownership transport, rented and hired transport, and private transport. Tamil Nadu is a huge area and transport plays a vital role in allowing people to move around and get to work. Transport links and roads tend to be good in more built up areas but degrade in more remote, rural parts of the state. Most people move around on mopeds/motorcycles and there are many buses and tuk tuks. Car ownership is currently low but is growing as they become more affordable. There is huge movement of goods in Tamil Nadu and this is usually done using huge trucks. Issues in transport mainly arise from the safety of the roads and the pollution emitted from having so many mopeds/motorcycles on the roads. Can you come up with ways to improve the safety on the roads and greener ways for people and goods to move about?

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  1. Improve road safety

    Fatalities from road traffic accidents are high in Tamil Nadu. Can you propose ideas that can reduce the risk of accidents or improve the chances of survival of road users such as pedestrians, motorcyclists, tuk tuk drivers and car drivers?

  2. Improve traffic management or air pollution

    With increases in motorised transport using the road network, traffic jams and air pollution are becoming an issue in the local towns and urban centres across Tamil Nadu. Can you propose ideas that could improve traffic management on the roads and/or deal with the air pollution problems?

  3. Improve driver behaviour

    The quality of driving in Tamil Nadu is generally poor and is a significant factor in the high rate of road traffic accidents. Can you propose ideas that encourage and reward better driving behaviours, for motorcyclists and/or for cars?