The world is becoming increasingly interconnected. Whilst many of us benefit hugely from modern advances in information communications technology some of us have not had the same opportunities. Enabling access to technologies which allow information to flow and people to communicate is recognised globally as an important factor in reducing the inequality gap.

Information communication technologies (ICT) facilitate educational, social and economic opportunities for people. ICT comes in many forms such as radios, televisions, computers, internet networks, mobiles and mobile platforms, data loggers and sensors, small data and big data. In Tamil Nadu, mobile phone usage is high and has transformed the lives of many. Network coverage across the state is good with the majority of people able to access 3G or 4G networks. Many people in Tamil Nadu are innovating and have many ideas of how technology can address issues that people are facing in the state. What ideas can you come up with to add to the innovation already taking place in Tamil Nadu?

For more information including details of the current situation and existing initiatives: go to Engineering For People Design Challenge: DIGITAL
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  1. Control of irrigation pumps

    The use of water for irrigation for agriculture in Tamil Nadu is a significant and growing issue, pumps are left on all the time using much more water than necessary. Can you come up with a technical solution to automatically control the irrigation pumps used to irrigate the farmers fields?

  2. Technical solutions for reducing female harassment

    Female harassment is an issue across the state of Tamil Nadu in both urban and rural areas, can you suggest technical ideas which may lead to a reduction in this behaviour?

  3. Apps for integrating transport and payment

    There is interest in developing applications to make arranging and paying for travel across the state and country easier. Can you come up with ideas that integrate transportation methods and allow users to pay using their smartphones?

  4. Improve internet connectivity

    Broadband connections in rural villages are rare due to the lack of physical infrastructure. Can you come up with ways to provide internet connections for households in rural villages that can work with limited physical infrastructure?

  5. Software for money management

    There are many self help groups within rural communities that come together to save money and give out low cost loans to households in rural areas. Can you come up with software ideas to help manage this process more effectively?

  6. Deterring poaching

    Tigers, elephants and other animals are routinely killed by poachers. The body parts from such animals achieve high prices when traded on the black market making it extremely difficult to prevent the practise. Can you introduce a technology based solution to help deter poaching?

  7. Automated mosquito surveillance and disease prediction service

    Mosquito-borne diseases such as malaria, dengue fever, chikungunya, Japanese encephalitis and acute encephalitis are present in Tamil Nadu. In 2017, incidences of all these diseases had risen across the state. Can you design a system that alerts people, when there is a risk of contracting a disease (when, where and which disease)?

  8. Smart greenhouses

    Population growth causes pressure on food, both in terms of availability and cost. Maximising yield is one way to enhance production and greenhouses are one way to do that. However, providing the perfect growing conditions, while reliably and affordably powering such a system will be difficult. Furthermore, in a new greenhouse design, are there smart technologies you can embed to give additional functionality, making your design better than others currently available. Can you design the appropriate smart greenhouse?